Tom Week – Band Nostalgia

8/31/19 – Band Nostalgia

Met my old friend Terre tonight and we and the bartender talked about ever 80’s Boston band. It was frightening how much useless knowledge the three of us managed to Conjure up.

9/1/19 – A trailer full-time

Spent the afternoon loading furniture onto a trailer for my sister to take to the big antique flea market in Brimfield. More of the same tomorrow.

9/2/19 – Brimfield

Helped my sister carry the really heavy stuff to the antique show. Fortunately some guy bought two of the heaviest pieces before we had them all off the trailer.

Went out to a literary open mic. It started an hour late and was as pretentious as readings in San Francisco without the substance.

9/3/19 – Quiet

A quiet day. No energy. Got some laundry done. Starting to yearn for the road.

9/4/19 – Urgent Care

Pat scraped her leg on the car door the other day. It hasn’t been healing and today was much worse. We found a place close by and had the luckiest visit possible. After the talking lady took us down a few wrong turns we wound up in the empty parking lot.

We went inside and there were no other patients. A bit worrisome, but by the time Pat finished the paperwork there were six other people. Another six came in while Pat was being seen. The receptionist was telling people there would be a 90 minute wait. Yee Haw.

9/5/19 – Prep to Leave

We are off tomorrow. Going all the way to CT to dwell among the swamp yankees for the weekend. Spot on the river. I called to make a reservation and guy said since it’s past Labor Day we can just show up. Plenty of space.

9/6/19 – Swamp Yankees

We are camped on a river among the swamps of northern Connecticut. A lovely spot if the rain eases enough to enjoy it.

This morning when we were leaving Worcester I missed an item on my checklist and we pulled out of the driveway with the electrical cable still plugged in. Fortunately it pulled out of the socket no problem but the cord got caught under the wheels and was yanked off the RV. Fortunately again it was any easy fix.

9/7/19 – Lottery Cycling

A new first. I rode my bike five miles to the closest store to buy Powerball tickets. The woman working at the store was completely freaked out by me. She was pretty sure that no sane person would be cycling through the back woods of Connecticut just for lottery tickets.

9/8/19 – Tick Land

We are in Niantic, which is part of East Lyme. Yes, as in Lyme Disease. But we drove on Flanders Road to get here, so that’s cool.

9/9/19 – Bike Limits

Went for a bike ride today. The roads in Niantic are not bike friendly. The shoulders are nice and wide as long as your not on a hill, and there are A LOT of hills.

9/10/19 – Retreat

Back in Worcester. Pat’s leg is not healing right. The urgent care doctor gave her new meds and new instructions.

9/11/19 – Blackstone

Finally got around to riding the Blackstone Trail from Worcester to Millbury. Very nice but kind of hilly and a few sections of frost heaves. Did 14 miles and was sweating a lot.


danger sign
The funny thing is, I had to climb up to see what the sign said.
big old building
Big funky building that I didn’t have the time to explore.
That’s the Long Island Sound, but it wasn’t making any noise.
Police cars
I didn’t do it.
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