Tom Week - Bad Noise

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11/9/23 – Engine Woes
Rough day behind the wheel. All was well until we pulled out onto I-95. The engine started making a weird noise when I tried accelerating. It slowly got worse and by the end of the day the RV would not go over 40.

It might be the fuel filter. It might be the transmission filter. It might be just about anything else.

11/10/23 – Partial Repairs
I finally got around to replacing the coils. I was unable to replace the spark plugs because I don’t have the right socket. I have the right socket for the new plugs, but not the old ones.

I also wanted to replace the fuel filter, but couldn’t find the current one. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

11/11/23 – Sit Still
We're sitting still for a couple days. Then, on Monday, if the RV still makes a bad noise we'll take it to a local truck repair place and see what they say.

11/12/23 – Forgive
Have I mentioned that I am too hard on myself? I am. It’s unrealistic to think I should be able to fix everything that might go wrong with the RV. There are people whose job that is.

11/13/23 – Made It
The engine noise was a bit better today, or perhaps, I’m learning to drive without causing the noise to happen. I bought the tools to change the spark plugs and will do so tomorrow morning. If that doesn’t fix it, it’s time to call in the pros.

11/14/23 – Fixed It?
While climbing around the engine I think I found the source of the bad noise. I may have fixed it. I was however unable to change the spark plugs. Having a professional do some maintenance tomorrow.

11/15/23 – Didn’t Fix It
My fix didn’t actually fix the noise. Went to a pro today and had a whole bunch of general maintenance done. That didn’t fix it either. Will call tomorrow to get the sound looked at. I’m a failure at being an untrained mechanic.