Tom week – bad news/good news

Bad News

The Bad News is: My stress levels, and thus my blood sugar levels, have been trending above safe for a while now. What I discovered is that the news is stressing me out. So to preserve my health and sanity I am cutting way back on my news intake.

The problem with this is that I suffer from severe FOMO. (Fear of missing out.) I am worried that I might miss something important. Though in reality I guess Trump isn’t going to anything stupider than what he’s already done. (I kid)

Good Ride

I had an unusually good bike ride today. I backed off on the speed a bit with the idea that I was going to go for a Strava Personal Best near the end. When I got to that segment there was traffic so no best time.

The thing is, when I finished the ride I realized that I felt great. I wasn’t sweating much and my legs didn’t ache. I actually “enjoyed” the ride. Weird.

Blood Sugar Update

So I spent a couple days watching food and levels carefully. It’s the Coke. I used to be able to drink coke because it would spike my levels but they’d drop back down just as fast. Now the spikes are lasting hours, if not days. So that’s it. No more regular coke drinking.

Weird Email

On my new web host I have a default email address. What this means is that all the email sent to that doesn’t have an actual account gets shoved in the default address. It’s amazing what shows up there. My favorite so far is

The Whole Moving Story

I got several questions about the upcoming move so here’s all the details:

  • Got laid off from work after 13 years. Job outsourced.
  • Unable to get a new job, mostly due to my age.
  • The housing market here in SF is way up price-wise, so it’s a good time to sell.
  • We’re cleaning out the house. It’s taking much longer than I thought.
  • When the house is sold we are going to live in the RV and wander the country.
  • Eventually we are going to settle someplace with decent weather and a low cost of living.
  • I want to move to the East Coast to be closer to friends and family.
  • Also, East Coast is not as agist as Silicon Valley, so better job prospects.


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3 thoughts on “Tom week – bad news/good news

  1. Wow! That’s Crazy Brave!! Are you trying to write the next great Comedy/Horror flick??? (Something between “Wrong Turn” & “Lost in America”?!?) May I suggest you travel heavily ‘Armed’ (regardless of the current Media or your Political ilk!) Good Luck to You & Yours!?!…

  2. Your little Dog’s face is SO Angelic!!! How do you think your Pets will handle this New Adventure? Have they traveled well in the RV before???

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