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bad machine

Beware the bad machine

I wanted to ride my bike today, but didn’t. Laundry day and a bad machine made it take much longer than usual. Then it was shower time. Speaking for myself, it was well over due.

It’s warm tonight. Even though it’s Thursday I have this desire to go out and have a beer or two.

I’m in Daytona but I’m not feeling it. The sense of motordom is barely above any old town. We drove past the racetrack but from the outside it just looks like a bid stadium. And there are no real go kart tracks here. They’re all in Orlando.

Tomorrow, I am going to ride my bike.

Started working on the rework of my work in progress. This is going to take a lot of work. Love it.

I RODE MY BIKE TODAY! 13.7 miles. I wound up at the entrance to the drive-on beach. Other than a steep bridge it’s so flat here. After the ride my blood sugar was 174. The lowest in several weeks.

Also after the ride I took a nap. This is unusual. Usually rides give me energy. Naps are often a sign of depressions for me, but this was a happy nap. I felt very content, I just wanted to be under the warm blanket for a while. I fell right to sleep.

The life of a nomad is wonderful, as long as you can learn to forgo plans and expectations.

We’ve landed in a park with a very good vibe. Lot’s of different types of people. The guy across the street rode up on his bicycle with a 12-pack of Bud Light under his arm.

Self-inflicted rough day today. A minor problem with the RV threw me for a loop. Doing better now.

Rode 20 miles today on a wonderful bike trail that actually had some nice climbs. Just 21 more miles and I’ll hit 1100 miles for the year.

Sat in the RV today watching the tornado alerts come and go on the TV. On twitter I hit 600 followers.

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Tags: - Author: Tom - Published: December 20, 2018


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