Tom Week – Bad Doctor

11/22/19 – Bad Doctor

Sometimes you just have to admit that you have a bad doctor and move on. That is what I’m doing and I’m very happy about it. I don’t mind a doctor who is stern with me about health issues, but lying to me is unacceptable.

I went for a long bike ride, 17.7 miles. The weather was perfect. I felt like I could ride forever.

Starke Florida has some great sunsets and a couple of camera-shy horses.

11/23/19 – Ocala

We’ve been here before. Good park. 70 TV channels on cable. The best WIFI password in all of Rvdom. Everyone here has a dog.

On Monday we go to one of our favorite parks. Apparently this whole “you can’t find good RV spots in Florida in winter” is a myth.

11/24/19 – Strava PR

It’s rare that I ride the same bike route what with us moving around so much. Today though I did the same Strava segment that I did in February and got a new personal record. I did the same 2.5 miles 3.5 miles an hour faster. That’s a big jump.

Later, I was watching Harry Potter and apparently fell asleep without realizing. The scene jumped and it took me a minute to realize that it was a different movie. Two hours had passed.

11/25/19 – The Outpost

We are once again at The Outpost on Lake Mariana. We are parked right near the water. Watched a beautiful sunset. Lots of ducks begging for food. No alligators yet, but there’s still hope.

12/1/19 – A new month

New energy. I’m back to riding and writing. Tomorrow we go to the ocean.

12/2/19 – Retirement Land

No matter how old and feeble I get I will never live in Vero Beach Florida. At the WalMart it was like Night of the Geriatric Dead. They were like zombies. Sad and disinterested. Just moving through life waiting to die. So sad.

Driving through town just reinforces the waiting-for-death theme. Soulless condos sucking the personality and vitality from their inhabitants. Gated communities protecting inmates from the diversity and glory of the real world. Cookie-cutter lives with rapidly approaching expiration dates.

But the beaches are nice. We are in a county park on an island on the inter-coastal waterway. The ocean is a mile to the east just on the other side of Route A1A. ( If you’re a NASCAR fan you just went “OOHH!” )

The next island over is a bird sanctuary. I’m hoping Pat and I can get over there tomorrow.

12/3/19 – Barrier Island

There are vultures here in the campground. They hang around the little pond waiting to steal food from the cranes.

There are also alligators. All I’ve seen is one tail disappearing into the water. Though I’ve heard the same big splash several times now.

I went for a bike ride and have never done a straighter, flatter ride. 13.1 miles and only 28 feet of elevation.

Tonight an alligator yelled at me. I didn’t know they made noise. They don’t have vocal chords but make a bellowing sound by forcing air through their throats.

12/4/19 – Across the Park

Today’s journey ended 100 yards from where it started. We are in the same park but with a better view of the water, but away from the alligators. Turns out they like to eat little dogs.

Great lunch today at Billie’s. Billy had a heavy Scottish accent. He actually said to one customer with a heavy Alabama accent, “Sorry Laddie I can na understand ye.”


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  1. Thanks Tom, I really do appreciate your insights in both the written and visual forms. Your description of the ‘retirees’ is chilling.

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