Tom Week – Back to the Driveway

8/2/19 – Back to Wormtown Driveway

We’re back at my sister’s for the weekend at least. Pulling into her driveway I cut the corner too tight and got a scrape on the side of the RV. Not too bad. Should polish out.

8/3/19 – Family

Family get-together tonight. Lots of fun. Got see people I haven’t seen in a long time.

8/4/19 – Shots

Took Abigail to get her shots today. She was barking at all the dogs and even nipped at a few of them. She’s never done that before.

8/5/19 – New Laptop

It came today. Time to retire this tired old machine that I love. Time has wielded it’s hoary vengeance. The case is falling apart. Time to move on. Tomorrow I will test my new writing device. Pray that it understands me as this machine has.

Got to see many of the siblings again today. Nice dealing with them one on one rather than in a maddening crowd.

8/6/19 – Moving, not moving

Ann needed access to the garage so we had to move the RV out onto the street for an hour.

I started setting up the new laptop. Tedious, but it is very fast. I am still writing on the old laptop. Haven’t moved my files over yet.

8/7/19 – Work work work

I forgot how mush work it is to set up a new computer. Years of settings from the old computer must be duplicated. Configurations and data file must be copied. Pain in the ass but worth it for the new computer is so much faster and has a friendly keyboard. I think it will be a good writing machine.

Hung out with three of my sisters tonight. Good talk about parents and movies and everything.

8/8/19 – Goodwill

Lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. Shopping for junk at Goodwill then for food at Shaw’s. Such an exciting life we lead.

8/10/19 – The no comedy show

Went to a comedy show tonight that didn’t happen. Just as the show was about to start the band next door started to play and drowned out the comedians. All seven of us got our money back.

8/11/19 – GO KARTS!

We drove to either Marlboro or Marlborough, depending on which welcome sign you chose to believe, and went to a go kart track. Very nice track but lots of hills, which are not conducive to speed to those of us near 200 pounds.

As we got orientated and put in karts I was worried that I’d be in people’s way. I was one of the few who hadn’t raced there before. My worries proved unfounded. I wound up lapping everyone and half the field a second time.

My best time was three seconds off the fastest time of the day. Just five seconds off the best time ever. Not bad for a gravity-challenged first-timer. Getting out of the karts one of the crew asked me, “Who are you?” Ego all good now, thanks.

8/12/19 – Redneck Dumping

I checked and it’s legal, but I don’t think the neighbors would approve. Not a trace, they’ll never know. If my math is correct I carried 490 pounds of waste water from the RV to the sewer. Such fun.

8/13/19 – A Miracle

Pat’s meds finally made it though the system and into our possession. Thanks to all those who helped and curses on the families of those who didn’t.

8/14/19 – New Hampshire

Back in the woods. We’re doing a two week loop through the upper states then back to Worcester for Labor Day weekend. Instantly relaxed.

8/15/19 – The Pendulum Swings

Nice bike ride today. It help my mental health so much. Afterwards I got to shower in a “rustic” bath house. The spiders seemed to enjoy watching me.


pat and emmet
Pat and the mighty Emmett
Nestled into Ann and Jenn’s driveway
Tonya and Minnie
Tonya and Minnie sharing a recliner
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