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Tom Week – Back in the RV

Finally digging the RV out of storage

This weekend we are off in the RV to Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world. I’m sure that the Mello Yello will need a bunch of bits, pieces and work. Fortunately the park is a mile from a WalMart.

Update: Wonderful weather. Did almost nothing all weekend. Very relaxing.

Random Thoughts

The gum tester’s lament: “Nobody know the bubbles I’ve seen.”

When I grow up I want to have a cool brown car like Kojack.

Writing Update

I’ve been writing a 100 word story every week this year. This week’s is a bit late because of a wording problem. I’m going to be adding another 100 words, but these will be chapters instead of individual stories. Should be fun. I’ll probably start posting these in April.

Work Update

Had a good interview on Monday. Have a 2nd interview on Tuesday.


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Tags: - Author: Tom - Published: March 14, 2017


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