Tom Week – back on the go-kart

Drove a fun dumb go-kart today. The track spirals up for four floors like the up ramp of a parking garage. Then at the top you drive over the edge down this steep ramp. The crappy little engine can’t keep up and back-fires the whole way down. So much fun.

So after the long rides in OKC my body has decided it needs to store all the energy it can get. I’ve gained five pounds in the last five days. I can’t ride in Branson, the streets aren’t safe for bikes. Have to stop eating so much.

I had planned to do a bunch of schoolwork today. I was wrong.

Too hot to do anything but drive in search of cooler weather. Stopping in failure on the eastern border of Missouri. Hope for relief lies in a storm a couple days ahead.

Once again a near miss. The Clarksville speedway is just four miles away but there is no way of getting there without ruining everything in the freezer.

Back on full ADs. Less annoyed by everything. Got lots of schoolwork done. Still too hot to ride the bike.

Did you know Elvis was a Satanist? Watch this space for the shocking expose.

There are martyrs in the woods and candles in the bushes. The sky is dark and the time of wind is upon us.

Author: Tom
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