Tom Week – Back in Orange Land

1/23/20 – Orange Land

We’ve been in Florida(AKA Orange Land) for quite a while and have often wondered where all the oranges are. Today we found them.

This park is much friendlier than the last. Our new neighbors all wave and say hello, even the guy with the Trump flag. We are parked on a little hill. Make we wonder if they have a flooding problem. Fortunately, no rain in sight.

Also, it’s warm again. Yeah!

1/24/20 – Wauchuca Warmth

Got in a good bike ride today. 9.98 miles. Almost 10. Let’s call it 10.

I got invited to play shuffleboard today. Yes, that’s the life I live.

1/25/20 – The Dog Wash Saga

Abigail needs a bath. She’s constantly scratching herself. So we found a car wash that also has a dog watch. Then I found a campground so that the dog wash was mostly on the way. We found the car wash no problem, but the dog wash was closed. Disappointing.

Then we get to the campground and I take Abigail to the fenced-in dog area. You guessed it, they have a dog wash. Yee Hay.

1/26/20 – Kissimmee

It’s rare that you have an eight letter word that only has four letters. We are only four miles from Disney World. The campground is on Seven Dwarves Lane. Tourist helicopters fly overhead all day. At least I hope they’re tourist helicopters.

1/27/20 – Back on Barrier Island

This place is instant relaxation. A county park and bird sanctuary. There also alligators, dolphins and vultures. I guess vultures qualify as birds, just don’t tell them I said that.

1/28/20 – Riding in the Wind

Big wind today. Shouldn’t be surprising for a January on Barrier Island. For the first half of the ride I was going straight into the wind. Averaged 7 miles an hour. On the way back, with the wind, 14 miles an hour. Yee Haw Indeed.

1/29/20 – Back in Space 15

We are The Outpost, one of our favorite places. We were last here Thanksgiving week, in this very same spot. The ducks are still here.

Author: Tom
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