Tom Week – At The Outpost

1/31/20 – Shower and Laundry Day at the Outpost

Some days you just have to set aside time to clean your clothes and yourself. This park, The Outpost, has expanded greatly over the last year. In that time they’ve doubled the number of washers and driers. Yes, these things become important when you live on the road.

Got in a bike ride this morning and was only run off the road once.

2/1/20 – Rainy Day

We had all kinds of plans today. Farmer’s Market in the morning. Classic car show in the afternoon. Car races in the evening. All canceled by nasty windy rain.

2/2/20 – Palindrome Day

Big wind today. Not able to ride my bike. Tonight is the Super Bowl but we don’t get that channel here. I’m going to try to watch the last quarter on the web. That’s about all the interest I can muster, even though San Francisco is playing. I was always more of a Raiders fan.

2/3/20 – Stalking the UPS guy

Expecting a package today. At 5:30 is still hadn’t arrived. I went out to pick up food and saw the UPS truck pulling out of the RV park. I had to swing the car around but was able to catch him after a couple stops. He had our package but said he was unable to find space 15.

Also had a good bike ride today. Went to the Auburndale Trail. It was smooth and mostly flat. I got carried away and instead of going 15 miles I went 23.

2/4/20 – Back with the manatees

We are back at the Marina on the St. John river. It’s half marina, half RV park. One of the big attractions are the manatees in the river. I haven’t seen one, but Pat has.

2/5/20 – Shopping by bike

Did twelve miles on the bike today, stopping at Walgreens and Winn-Dixie on the way. Apparently, I need bigger saddle bags on the bike.


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