Tom Week – at the ocean

7/23/20 – I see the ocean

We’re back in Pacifica. This time we’re parked with a view of the ocean. Very nice.

Even though I lived near here for decades, coming back is uncomfortable. There is too much traffic. Too many people. I’m feeling claustrophobic.

7/24/20 – Tasks in Masks

Got stuff done today. A couple loads of laundry. A trip to Safeway. Finished a couple of computer tutorials.

I was all excited about two races on TV tonight but it turns out that we don’t get that channel here. Bummer.

Now, at 7PM, after a day of gray, the sun is poking out over the ocean.

7/25/20 – Family visit.

Chester, our common law son and Rachel, our common law daughter-in-law, came for a visit. One of the few very good things about being in California is seeing them. Though I look forward to the day when we don’t all have to wear masks.

It was oddly sunny today. I got psyched to ride my bike then I took Abigail out for a walk. Cold! I may be a wimp, but no bike ride today.

7/26/20 – Garlic and Smoke

I walked into the office at the Gilroy RV park and the clerk yelled, “Welcome back Mr. Flanders.” We haven’t been here in years. I was impressed and creeped out.

The Garlic smell isn’t too bad, but there was a fire somewhere and the smoke smell was terrible for a while.

It’s nice and warm here. Nice.

7/27/20 – New Shorts

I have a new pair of shorts. They used to be a pair of jeans but they got attacked by the rental car’s license plate holder. So now, they’re shorts.

7/28/20 – Off Kilter

A week ago I ran out of one of my meds. I did OK for a few days. Then they came and I went back on them. Now, a few days later, my brain is all messed up. Today was better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be better than today.

7/29/20 – Another Hundred

Despite all the issues with new bike I’ve managed to get in a hundred miles this month. Since I started riding again 11 years ago, July has always been a trouble spot. This is my first July to hit a hundred miles. Yee haw.

The new bike gears also came today. Yee haw again.


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