Tom Week - Appointmentation

cactus flower

5/9/24 – Summertime:
It hit 80 today. I got good and sweaty on my bike ride.

Tonya’s appointments continue to come and go. We got to cancel one of them today, but had to add a couple more. Fortunately the new ones are all virtual, so we don’t have to be in the city to attend.

5/10/24 – The Scouts Are Here:
The weather is wonderful and the Quarry is pretty much full. There’s even a scout troop camping in many tents. One of our pet peeves is people who try to have fires, but mostly make lots of smoke. The scouts on the other hand, know how to make fires. No smoke at all.

5/11/24 – Two Central Streets
Turns out that each town around here is allowed to have their very own Central street. Not usually a problem, unless you plan a bike trip and use the wrong Central Street as a turning point.

5/12/24 – Kite Day
This is a very windy campground, especially late afternoons, but today was the first day there were any kites, and today, there were a lot of them.

If you like Jarritos Mandarina, the Mexican orange soda, do NOT try the hard soda version. It is foul.

5/13/24 – Shopping Day
I got to go shopping at Sprouts. Shopping is so much more fun when the store has food that you actually want to eat. 

5/14/24 – Blood Work
Tonya got stabbed in the arm again today. I wonder if some day soon she’s going to refuse to go anywhere with me.

5/15/24 – The Ides of May
We have nearly all the appointments scheduled from pre-op to post-op. It will all be OK. Thanks everyone for all the good vibes.