Tom Week – Anode Rod

4/24/20 – The Pearl River

I went on a 20 mile bike ride today, up and down the Pearl River. It’s much less hilly on this side of the river.

I went to Sonic Drive-In tonight. Hot Dog! Pat and Tonya got their favorites, tater tots.

The new anode rod is working nicely.

4/25/20 – Health Scare

I was exhausted today. I had to wake up from a nap so that I could take another nap kind of tired. Of course I assumed that I caught the coronavirus, even though I had no other symptoms. Fortunately it turns out that I was just bitten by a poisonous caterpillar. Yes, I’m living in the land of poisonous caterpillars.

4/26/20 – Feeling Better

The tiredness is gone. Went for a short bike ride. The longer I rode, the better I felt. Then we all took showers. We are clean!

4/27/20 – Good Shopping

I went to the grocery store today and it was mostly empty and everyone had masks on. Also, I’ve learned the store well enough that I spend a lot less time searching for things.

Today I learned to do green screens for my animations. There will be no stopping me now.

4/28/20 – Bad Sleep

Didn’t get to sleep till 4AM. Brain full of story ideas. Ah well, it happens sometimes.

Got a lot of work done today though. Installed the new WIFI booster. (It works.)

4/29/20 – Game Night

Spent the evening playing an online game with many family members. Much fun.

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