Tom Week – Alligator Time

3/26/20 – Saw an alligator

Sitting in the RV this afternoon I saw a dark lump out on the lake. I walked down to the shore to what it was. An alligator! It was just floating there so I was able to get a decent picture. Then he submerged and was gone.

3/27/20 – All Along The Spillway

The lake is a weird place wind-wise. No matter which way you are going the wind seems to be in your face. Turns out that is caused by how the spillway was built. Weird.

3/28/20 – Laundry Cart Shopping

Not shopping for a laundry cart. Shopping with a laundry cart. I felt kind of like a bag lady but since I have to walk to the store it made bringing stuff home much easier. It’s only a half mile, but still.

Speaking of shopping; the stores here are starting to fill up again. I found everything I needed except for water.

3/29/20 – Not a tornado

Whatever that was last night it was definitely not a tornado. I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of a train going by. Which is kind of impossible since there are no train tracks anywhere near here. Then it hit me, all those tornado descriptions, “It sounded like a freight train.”

Then the RV started rocking in the wind. Fortunately, that didn’t last too long. The wind died down a bit and the rain came down. It’s a myth that it doesn’t rain hard during a tornado, but it’s a comforting myth.

3/30/20 – Water Day, not

The theory was that stores would get deliveries on Monday morning so there would be plenty of water available. My theory was mostly correct, however I failed to fully define my terms.

By “water” I meant drinking water that does not taste like ass. Dollar General had a shelf full of Dasani. Kroger had a huge pile of Ozarka. Neither is considered drinkable by any of the occupants of the big yellow truck.

3/31/20 – Cold Day in Jackson

It rained hard again last night but no freight train wind. Today is 30 degrees colder than yesterday. Tonya still insisted to go out and rock.

Today I did a bunch of research on the best place to be during the lockdown. The answer might be here.

4/1/20 – Safe Shopping Day

Had to go shopping today. I wore a face mask just in case. Found a bunch more food that’s missing from the shelves.


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