Tom Week - All Texas

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2/29/24 – Leap Day
The RV guy came and diagnosed the slide out. One of the tracks is missing some teeth. He didn’t have the parts so we’re going to have it fixed down the road.

Did you hear about the gas pumps in New Zealand? They don’t work on leap day.

3/1/24 – Exit 456
Just 16 miles from half-way across Texas on I-10. This is the Texas I know. Little town in the middle of nowhere. 80 MPH speed limits. (The RV is good for about 75 downhill.)

There are stars here. There were no stars in San Antonio.

There are also many people in and out of the RV park that still have their Christmas lights up and turn them on at night.

3/2/24 – Around The Junction
I love riding my bike around new towns. Junction was a treasure trove. My favorite part was the football stadium bigger than any other structure in town. The town square that was straight out of THE LAST PICTURE SHOW.

There were also goats. Always a good sign.

3/3/24 – Exit 256
Two hundred miles today brings us to Fort Stockton. There was no traffic on the highway today it was nice and straight and fast. We are the Hilltop RV park, which is a literal description. The sunset was wonderful and full of sheep.

3/4/24 – Dallas News
When there’s no cable and no over the air TV, we watch streaming over the Roku that Ann bought us. For some reason the only news we could get today was from Dallas. This is what I expected from Texas news. Every political story end with praise for Donald Trump. The best was when they explained how clever Trump was to loose the DC primary.

3/5/24 – Exit 139
After being in Texas forever, tomorrow we go to New Mexico, the next day to Arizona. What time will it be in Arizona? I have no idea. New Mexico is Mountain Time. Arizona doesn’t follow daylight savings, which happens some time soon. Very confusing.

3/6/24 – Exit Zero
Didn’t actually make it out of Texas today. A flat tire and piles of construction traffic delayed us. I was too tired to finish the planned route, so we stopped at an RV park just a mile from the New Mexico border.