Tom Week – Alien Invasion

alien invasionThe alien invasion has begun

The creatures are among us. Flee! Scurry! OK, not really an alien invasion. Just a snail on a window with the full moon in the background. Cool and disgusting.

Arthritis Day

Woke up all achey. Tried riding my bike. I hoped that it would loosen up my joints. Nope. Had to cut the ride short because my fingers were so sore I couldn’t pull the brake levers. I love getting old.

Cleaning House

Another load of stuff gone to Goodwill. Thanks Chester. The yard sale pile is piling up.

Random Thoughts

These are words. They say things. I’m not sure what they mean.

One hundred degrees outside the RV. Mad dogs and Englishmen indeed.

Last Thursday I was the victim of a drive-by meditation.


Author: Tom
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