Tom Week - Alabama Week

warning sign

1/27/22 – Nature Day

Woke up to extreme low tide on the gulf coast. Got to see an eagle swooping down for fish. Then watched what Wikipedia suggests was a Lemon Shark hunting crabs. Then after we got to the new park a family of deer grazed their way right past the RV.

1/28/22 – Cold Too Soon

The weather app said it wouldn’t get cold till after 2PM. They were way off. Just after noon, and just after I started my bike ride, the wind picked up and the temperature plummeted. Cut the ride way short.

1/29/22 – I’m Old

The high temperature today was 46 with 19 mph winds. My bones were aching already when I saw a couple riding their bikes. My knees screamed in pain at the sight. It made me think of my mother’s famous phrase, “Put on a coat! You’re making me cold!”

1/30/22 – Goodbye Florida

We finally made it out of Florida. That’s the good part. We are now in Alabama. That’s the questionable part. Alabama television commercials treat their audience like they’re the stereotypical rubes most people think they are. Lots of very loud short sentences using small words.

On the other hand, I picked up the local weekly newspaper, Hilariously called The Mullet Wrapper, and found it well written. Also, the ads in it displayed a wonderful sense of humor. They do not take themselves very seriously.

1/31/22 – January’s End

It was a nice day today, but I had no drive. Bad news this morning. A friend of my sister’s died. I felt her pain. Tomorrow is another day and another month. It will get better.

2/1/22 – Not Your Grandad’s Alabama

So it seems that Mobile, and all of southern Alabama, isn’t what most people think of as Alabama. So far everyone I’ve encountered is friendly and intelligent. 

I’ve spent a small amount of time in northwestern Alabama, where my only human contact was a McDonald’s clerk who had worked there two years and I had to tell her how to complete my order on the register.

The weather so far is wonderful. It’s going to rain tomorrow, but it’s going to stay warm, so who cares?

2/2/22 – Too Many Dead

Stop it now!