Tom Week – Alabama Etc.


We’re in Alabama! State number 26. It’s everything we could ever hope for. Lot’s of gun shops and even the news people have accents so think I can’t understand half of what they’re saying. Instead of golf carts the residents ride around on ATVs and mini bikes. Our next door neighbor has a dog called vittles.


We’re in Florida again! Twenty miles from Pensacola. We’re at a KOA with lots of RVs but very few people. Haven’t figured that one out yet.

My perceptions of the Gulf Coast are proving misguided. Not the people and places. They’re what I expected. The problem is distances. New Orleans is only 230 miles away. That’s three states. Alabama and Mississippi have much less coastline than I pictured.

Also met a guy here at the campground that’s riding his bicycle across the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It’s his sixth day on the road and he’s covered 400 miles.


Great day today. This morning I rode my bike to downtown Milton, FL. A town on a river trying to balance quaint and touristy. Fortunately quaint seems to be winning. After being in Georgia and Alabama I have to say that Florida is much friendlier to cyclists. Nice wide bike lanes everywhere.

Then after lunch I got a pile of work on the RV done. Vents to replace and clean. Holes to weatherstrip. Door to trim to nail down. I felt like such a “guy.”


Daylight Savings time, time zones, states smaller than I thought. All this has left me dazed and confused. We woke this morning in Florida. We drove to Alabama. Then we drove to Mississippi. All in the matter of a few hours. We are now an hour from Louisiana.

We are in a very nice RV park in a not great area of Biloxi. Pat and I both got a little nervous because the neighborhood reminded us of one in Fresno. That park turned out to be hideous. This one is much nicer.


On the best of days there are no plans. Today is one of those days. We’ve extended our stay in Biloxi till Friday and rented a car. Or rather a truck, and this in no mid-size wimp of a truck. It is a 2019 Ram crew cab with a HEMI!

We toured Biloxi, ate lunch at a pathetic Hooters knock-off called Twin Peaks, and took Abigail to a dog park that only had one other dog.

Then I took a nap. I was up all last night working on my latest short story.


Nearly fifteen miles on the bike today.

Out to dinner we had one of those rare failures of an experiment. The food was way spicier than hoped and it was full of unexpected ingredients. You can’t win them all.

Then we went to a giant gift shop which seriously needs some competition.


Coming back from WalMart I managed to get lost again. Having the ocean to the south is confusing.

Took dad to the casino. He won six dollars, but Mom made him buy me a beer so he actually wound up with only two dollars profit.


Behind this RV park there were cows. As in mooooo!
empty space
Some RV parks have “yuge” spaces.
pickup truck
The rental truck was the envy of all the lesbians in the park.
The view from the top of the Biloxi Bay Bridge
Pelicans by the bay.
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