Tom Week – Alabama and Beyond

12/26/19 – Alabama

We’re in Lillian Alabama and nobody in the park got arrested today.

11/27/19 – Biking to Florida

Alabama seems to not like bikes. There are no bike lanes. There aren’t even shoulders on the roads. So I crossed the bridge back to Florida. Sixteen miles of nice wide lanes.

11/28/19 – Baby Yoda is Safe (for now)

Watched the last episode of The Mandalorian. Even if you don’t like science fiction you should watch this episode for the scenes with the biker storm troopers. Hilarious.

Today I finally got around to working on the stuff on my todo list. Turns out that maintaining the todo list takes more time than actually performing the tasks on it.

12/29/19 – Forgotten Travel

Missing a few days of my journal. The new update of the journaling program crashed and wiped out my files.

12/30 /19 – Got my files back

I filled in the blanks above which you never even knew were missing till I told you so why am I even telling you?

Oh yeah, we’re in Biloxi MS.

13/31/19 – Bay St. Louis

We’re spending New Years Eve at a casino in Mississippi. Not too white trash or anything. The casino’s RV park is next to a little waterway full of jumping fish and at least one alligator.

1/1/20 – Happy New Year

Last night I went to the casino for their New Year’s Eve party. Not so much a party as a regular night at a casino with a bunch of extra people. I didn’t last long among the smoke and country music. The highlight of the evening was the men’s room. Beside the sink, right next to the paper towel dispenser, was a biohazard sharps receptacle that was half-full of used needles.

The highlight for today was that I managed to misspell the word intellectual. Irony overload.


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