Tom Week – Alabama and Beyond

3/12/30 – The Big A (Alabama)

We are in Alabama at the redneckinist RV park ever. It’s another park that’s under construction and is going to be great when finished. The office is much more a bait shop than an RV store.

3/13/20 – Friday the 13th

Only one other RV pulled in today. Is it the day? Is it the virus? Who knows.

Went for a bike ride today and got chased by an adorable dog. He was having the best time running along beside me until he had to stop and poop. Then he trotted back home. When I went back past his house he was asleep on the porch.

3/14/20 – Pi Day

I was so caught up watching the disease news that I almost missed pi day. A weird girl with two different shoes on the internet had to remind me. So I watched the movie PI. A feel-good romp if there ever was one.

Central Alabama is good place to be during the virus days. The people who live here don’t leave town much, and people from outside aren’t much motivated to come here.

3/15/20 – The Ides of March

We are in Toomsuba Mississippi, which is east of Meridian. Don’t worry, I never heard of them before yesterday.

Shopping at Walmart was an adventure. I managed to piss off everyone in the checkout line because I found everything I needed except water. Everyone was asking where I found everything. It’s sad that I am a better shopper than other people.

Oh yeah, the Lowes next door had plenty of water.

And gas is cheap here. $1.75 a gallon.

3/16/20 – Roller Coaster Hills

Did thirteen miles and climbed over 800 feet. Good workout. Got chased by two friendly dogs. Saw one Trump flag, one Biden sign and one Bernie sign.

3/17/20 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

More hill riding today. No leprechauns spotted, but I made friends with a horse.

When in the south, you must drink Grapico, the Cadillac of grape sodas.

3/18/20 – Still in Toomsuba

We hunkered down to let the mail catch up to us. It’s weird not moving every few days. We’re here till Friday. Fortunately there are many bikeable back roads.


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