Tom Week - Across The Low Country


4/27/23 – Campground Theatre
We got new neighbors across the way and watching them pull in and set up was quite amusing. Mistakes were made. Hilarious mistakes. The only really dangerous one is that their trailer is hanging over the creek and they don’t seem to have wheel chocks. 

4/28/23 – The Low Country
We’re in southern South Carolina. No Gators so far. Soon I hope.

I’ve decided that science lies. According to science the highest humidity can go is 100%. I’m sure today it’s at least twice that.

4/29/23 – Hide That Shade
The roads north of Charleston SC are very stingy with their shade. 

I tried installing the new air conditioner controller in the RV today. I watched a bunch of videos on how to do it. Only the last one answered the questions I had. Unfortunately, as I tried to do it myself, I found things that none of them covered. I think I’ve found the answers, I’ll try again next stop.

4/30/23 – Near Savannah
It’s odd that a city named Savannah isn’t on a savannah. Maybe it’s just me.

The humidity is half of what it was yesterday and will be lower tomorrow. Sleep should come easier tonight.

Driving the back roads of South Carolina this morning I saw more Biden signs than Trump signs. Not what I expected.

5/1/23 – Workers Of The World Unite
Got a pile of laundry done today. Actually, three piles. Also got to ride my bike along an old canal. I love flat, straight roads with no traffic.

5/2/23 – OOPS
So apparently I haven’t told people we’re back in the RV and on the road again. I have here of course. Not all my friends read my weekly blog though. But that’s OK. I don’t need them. 

5/3/23 – The Sad Island
Usually, before we go someplace, I research it on Wikipedia and elsewhere. I didn’t do that this time. We arrived on Jekyll Island and Pat said that something bad happened here. I looked it up and it turns out that centuries of bad stuff happened here.