The Tesla Paradox

cyber truck

I need to start by saying that I’m an advocate for electric cars, and I’m an advocate for independent car companies. So with that in mind, I should be a Tesla fan. I am not. Thus begins the paradox.

The problem, as you may have guessed, is the guy in charge of Tesla. In order for Tesla to go from nothing to success, you need a type A person like Musk. The problem is, for an ongoing company, such a person becomes a major stumbling block. The screw the details, just get it done attitude is not sustainable. Such things lead to poor quality control and products that have a very narrow appeal.

It’s not just the disaster of the Cybertruck. The charging stations are also suffering. Many of them put out dangerous levels of electro-magnetic radiation. The others do not. It seems to be a matter of installation.

Speaking of charging, many people point out that the cleanliness of an electric car depends on how its power is generated. This is true, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have electric cars. This means we should have cleaner energy production. California has mostly clean energy now. Lots of electric cars.

The current big problem with Tesla, caused by Elon, of course, is that he is fighting the cheap electric car that Tesla has promised for a long time because he wants the engineers to develop a fully self-driving car.

According to market research, nobody wants a fully self-driving car. I certainly don’t.

So is Elon an evil genius, or just a guy financing clever engineers with his parent’s diamond blood money? Probably somewhere in between.

In one of his books, Carlos Castanada’s brujo warns about controlling your power and not letting power control you. Elon is a great example of someone controlled and consumed by power.