The Rain And The Car

The Rain

That’s it. Just the rain.

The Car

Something’s wrong with the car. We went shopping earlier and it was fine. Now when I get to about 12 mph it starts shaking violently and the dash lights start flashing. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow when it’s no longer pouring down rain. Hopefully it’s something simple and stupid.

The Car – Part 2 – The next day

It’s not something simple and stupid. It appears to me that the CV axle is loose. I have to call the Toyota dealer on Monday to come and take it to the shop.

The Car – Part 3 – Depression

At first I thought I was over-reacting. A broken car is really nothing to get depressed about. It’s much more an inconvenience than anything else. Then I did my breathing and meditation and it came to me that it isn’t the car being broken that is bothering me.

I watch a lot of car fixit shows. I know how to replace a CV axle. All I need is a garage, some new tools, a good jack and some jack stands. The only real show-stopper there is the garage. I can’t really do all this work while it’s parked out on the street. But that’s just an excuse.

What’s really bothering me is that I don’t trust myself to be able to fix it. This feeds into my feelings of inadequacy. That is what’s triggering my depression. Now that I know what it is, maybe I can deal with it. And to be fair to me, The axle may only be a symptom. I think I’ll let the pros handle it.

The Car – part 4 – Hazzah!

So it was something stupid and simple after all. Late last night I was going through all the pieces in my head and came across something I hadn’t considered. The traction control is run by a computer. What would happen if I rebooted the system? So this morning I unhooked the battery and let it sit for a while. Then I hooked it up again and went for a test ride. (While Pat guarded my parking spot.)

IT WORKED! No more weirdness. It drives fine. So yes, the car was actually fixed by rebooting it.

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker

Author: Tom
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