The Pursuit Of Imperfection

cubist person

I am a master procrastinator. It turns out that a lot of procrastinators are perfectionists. So, since I know I can’t do something perfectly, I avoid doing it. Unfortunately, to everyone else this looks like laziness.

I have to learn to stop trying to make everything perfect in the first draft. Rewrites are not optional. My current short story, which I thought would be about 1000 words and only need one draft, is nearing 4000 words and will need at least one rewrite, which will put it over 10,000 words.

The same goes for my animations. I’ve started saving all my animation mistakes, then editing them together along with the final output. The progress from draft to draft is impressive. Well, to me it is. It teaches me that the process, while long, is worth it.

My fear of mistakes was overwhelming. Not just in writing, but in relationships as well. My crippling fear of screwing things up kept me from taking chances that advance intimacy.

Now is the time to come to terms with all this and stop letting it interfere with my creative workflow. It truly is time to pursue imperfection. How hard could it be?