The other Opel

1970 OPEL REKORD 1900

the other opelWhen I think Opel I think Kadett. I often forget about the other Opel.

This was Opel’s so-called mid-size car and wasn’t such a bad looking car. If you squint real hard it kind of looks like a Chevelle that was left in the dryer too long.

The biggest problem America-wise was that while this car was noticeably larger than the Kadett, it had the same engine. In 1970 we were a power-crazed country and that little four just wasn’t enough.

GM understood that and never even tried to sell the car here. This car was personally imported.

Which all makes me wonder how well this car will go over at an auction that built its reputation on muscle cars. Kadetts have been selling fairly well but I wonder if the response will follow that trend or go against it.

The rarity, at least in this country, should work in its favor. However rarity sometimes translates into oddity and that can hurt a car’s value. Many of the cars, especially those from the same era, are less cool cars and more status symbols among the people who grew up then. Given that, an under-powered mid-sized Opel is of little value.

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