The mylights of the RM Auction in Paris (Feb 5)

These are the cars that interest me in this auction. Surprisingly they aren’t all the cheapos that usually catch my attention. I guess the setting is throwing off my sensibilities.

Lot 3 – 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super ‘Polizia’
A wonderfully green police car version of this classic Italian sedan. The estimate is 15 to 20 thousand Euros. With its placement so early in the auction it’s hard to say how it will be received. It’s certainly not on the level of the million dollar babies to follow, but it might just catch some collector’s whimsy. See for yourself

Result: Sold for 28,000 Euros. Estimate was off by 40%. Not great.

Lot 16 – 1971 Mercedes-Benz 600 ‘Six-Door’ Pullman Landaulet
What me, in love with a Mercedes? What will the other proles think? Yes, while I’m a lover of good cheap cars and want to subvert the classic car auction world from within, some cars are just too great to deride. The 600 is just about the greatest limo built in my lifetime and this is at the top of the 600 food chain. A six door with a convertible top over the very back seat. If that doesn’t reek over power nothing does. Best of all though, it needs a whole pile of work which brings the price estimate down out of the nosebleed section to a reasonable 80 to 120 thousand Euros. See for yourself.

Result: Sold for 537,600 Euros. That’s 448% over the top estimate. I knew it was a cool car.

Lot 41 – 1980 Alfa Romeo 179B Formula One
Recently at one of the big buck American auctions an ex-Schumacher Ferrari F1 car went for over a million dollars. This Alfa is a bargain at bargain at the estimate of about 100 thousand Euros. It might not have the pedigree or record of the Ferrari but from an actually using it for vintage racing it’s a much better prospect. For one it won’t take an army of factory mechanics to just make it run. See for yourself.

Result: Sold for 168,000 Euros. 68% above the top estimate.

The Usual Suspects – These cars are right up my alley but they have become almost auction cliches. What’s an auction without some vintage little Fiats?

Lot 2 – 1963 Fiat 500 D (19,600 Euros)
Lot 35 – 1956 Fiat 600 (14,000 Euros)
Lot 53 – 1957 Fiat 600 Multipla (33,600 Euros)

Update: The auction company estimates were way low. That might have been intentional in an attempt to encourage bidders looking for a bargain but it makes them look like they don’t know what they’re doing. Next time I’ll come up with my own estimates. How hard can it be? (As Jeremy Clarkson says.)



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