The lowliest Rambler

The Lowliest Rambler - the 220The 220, AKA the lowliest Rambler, is the Rambler that other Ramblers make fun of.

Even though it is the lowliest Rambler, we love it just the same. Really the only difference is trim level. The 440 and 880 had a few extra bits and baubles, but what really matters is the stylistic charm and legendary engine.

Ramblers have been on my mind since Mit Romney did his anti-Trump speech last week. If you’re an auto history trivia buff you will know that Mit’s dad was the man behind the Rambler’s success. I try to not let that interfere with my love of Ramblers.

This car in particular caught my eye because it’s perfect for a daydreamy story I’ve been working on about a man who heads across America but gets into trouble everywhere he goes only to be saved by some kind local. Kind of like the Route 66 tv show in reverse.

The old Rambler is perfect for this because it will probably break down alot but is easy to fix.

The opening bid of $1500 is higher than I would go, but there may be a Ramblerfile out there willing to go that high.

See the full listing: Rambler American

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Author: Tom
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