The Daimler regretmobile

Daimler regretmobileOf course Daimler Regretmobile is not its real name, but that’s what it is to me.

When it left the factory it was the Daimler Dart, aka SP250, AKA V-8 and was one of the oddest British sports cars of the 60’s. You’ve got to love a car with that many names.

What makes this car special for me is that I nearly bought one back in the late 70’s for $500. It ran fine and the fiberglass body was in great shape but the convertible top was trashed and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find and/or afford a new top. Instead I bought a 69 Dodge Polara for $100.

Ever since then I cringe whenever I see one of these for sale, though they are usually going for way more than $500 and need way more work then just a new top.

This particular example’s current bid is nearly 20 times what I almost paid, but seems to be in fine shape. It does not need a new top.

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Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.