The Characters of Hating Hate

Hating hate

I hate hate. Even when it manifests as righteous indignation, I feel sullied by hate. It takes way too much time and energy. The writers who are reading this probably already see the problem. What is fiction without hate?

I must also state that I’m not talking about evil. Evil is not always hate or even hated. Evil is a force or state of mind that does harm to others, whether intentional or incidental. Evil often causes hate, but the two are not mutually dependent.

So how do I give my characters hate when I find it so abhorrent? Yes, I could create a world without hate but most people would find that hard to accept. Or do I create a character who hates, but learns not to. Sound rather heavy-handed to me.

Maybe I just need to accept that hate exists. It’s what people expect. It’s like real life.

The Plan

I’ve started writing to a new Twitter prompt for ten word stories. I’m writing these from a bad guy’s point of view. A couple were pretty good. A couple were pretty wimpy for a bad guy. But, I’m having fun with it.

Author: Tom
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