The Car Book Collector

favorite car book

Growing up, I loved reading, but not stories. I read reference books and encyclopedias. At the public library I found a treasure trove of books about cars, my favorite thing in the world. As I aged I picked up a few of the books I read in my youth, but got rid of them when I hit the road. Now I find that I want them back. (At least for when I settle down.)

I thought this was going to be a long and expensive journey. I was wrong. I found my old books and many more for sale on the internet, cheap.

Ebay is my prime potential marketplace, where most of the books are for sale with opening bids and shipping costing less than $10 per book. The most surprising thing is that nobody bids on these books. Apparently I’m the only one who wants them.

What worries me is that when I’m ready to buy, so will other people.

Of course, there are way more car books out there than I could ever read. I have rather narrow interests. I don’t care for books about a single make or model of car. The focus is too narrow. On the other hand, I avoid books like The History of the Automobile. Way too general.

What I do like are car encyclopedias, antique technical manuals and books about the world of cars from unusual social perspectives. The best example of the latter is a book I read by a man whose company convinced the auto industry to use tapered roller bearings instead of ball bearings. Sounds boring, but it wasn’t.