The adventure approaches

Novato RV park adventure

Jun 20, 2018

Today is the first day of the epic adventure. OK, not really, but the preparation begins in earnest. I just got off the N-Judah and I’m now sitting on the CalTrain 4:58 Limited, headed for Gilroy. From the Gilroy station I have a two mile walk to the storage yard to pick up the RV. From there it’s about a quarter mile drive to the Gilroy Garlic RV park.

I’m staying there for one night then it’s off to Novato. With a stop at home to load up stuff. We’ll be for in Novato for three weeks while we wrap up the sale of the house and the dumping of all our furniture and unwanted junk.

Long walk from the train to the RV storage yard. Only two miles but I was carrying a heavy load and it was 95 degrees. Well worn out by the time I got there.

Jun 21, 2018

locks on a fence
Gilroy is serious about security

Last night I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. I should have read the reviews first. Apparently, if you don’t like wings, this is not the place for you. I had a cheeseburger and fries and wound up spending over 30 minutes sitting in the men’s room as body rejected both. Also, the beer was noticeably watery.

The weird thing is that to look at me, I should be the perfect customer. Heavy-set, balding, flannel shirt. I fit the bill, except for a tolerance of messy spicy food.

I bought stuff at WalMart and Camping World. Got a pile of gas at Safeway. Off to Novato.

Stopped at home and picked up clothes and stuff.

The Novato park isn’t great but it isn’t bad. Seems safe. Nice people. While hooking up I realized I forgot to get propane. I’ll have to do that some other day. Mile walk to the bus stop.

Turns out the bus I wanted only runs in the morning. Fortunately I got on a bus that goes to San Francisco. Unfortunately it acts like a regular city bus and stops every couple blocks for most of the way. Comfortable seats though.

Hope to be permanently moving into the RV next week. I’ll keep you updated.

Jun 28

comfy dog
Abbie and her girl Tonya. Life is good.

We spent the night in the RV in Novato. Took a pile of stuff and it looks like we actually are going to be able to fit everything in. Even though we were only there for one night it feels like a vacation. The dogs made a bunch of new friends. More eager than ever to get going.

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  1. The first chapter of your book about this whole experience will be about when the RV broke down somewhere in the middle of Colorado and you were saved by a group of biker nuns transporting medical marijuana to an orphanage for preschool epileptics.

    The second chapter will be right at this moment. I hope you are keeping notes.

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