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Tom Week – Rehoboth to Enfield

Big bug in Rehoboth

10/2/19 – Rehoboth Beach

Road the bike to Enterprise in Rehoboth to pick up the rental car. It was hot, but the ride was much easier than last week’s hillfest.

10/3/19 to 10/6/19

Bad stress and depression. Nothing to write.

10/7/19 – Feeling Better

Today, I have words in my head and they made it all the way to my fingers. We are in Virginia.

I’ve driven in most of the states. So it is with some authority when I say that Maryland has the worst drivers in the country.

10/8/19 – Somewhere in Virginia

Two days ago we were in the North. Now everyone is saying y’all. The amount of change in so few miles is startling.

10/9/19 – Lost in VA

My sense of direction was off today. I kept making wrong turns. Not sure why.

We did eventually arrive at the correct campground. A KOA at King’s Dominion amusement park, which is closed for the season. The amusement park, not the campground.

Abigail got to meet an army of Totos. She ran at them, barking. Then got nose to nose with the bravest of the four little dogs. Then they both just kind of wandered off. She’s so viscous.

We’re finally near roads with big wide shoulders so I’m hoping for a good bike ride tomorrow.

Last night I dreamed I was in Worcester, standing on a corner wearing a shark costume. Pat drove up in Dad’s old Chevy Impala wagon and asked me what I was advertising. I didn’t know so I woke up.

Speaking of Dad, my sister Mary found a six-pack of his old favorite cheap beer, Black Label. In his memory I bought myself a six of my favorite cheap beer, Mickey’s. Yes, the one with the picture puzzles under the caps. Yee Haw!

10/10/19 – Bad Hip

It seems I hurt my hip when I tripped over the gas hose yesterday. I wasn’t able to ride my bike because it was pulling on all the wrong muscles. It didn’t hurt that much but I figured I should take it easy. Getting old sucks.

Many more people came to the campground today. Turns out the amusement park is open Friday-Sunday.

10/11/19 – Virginia Beach

We were here late last October but it is much warmer now. It’s a biker weekend so the campground is full of angry old men grasping the ghosts of their youth. Makes we want to join them.

10/12/19 – Virginia Beach Beach

I had a good bike ride this morning. Ten miles.

Then we went out to lunch and to the beach. We took Pat’s scooter. She road up and down the boardwalk while Tonya and I played in the accessible playground. Last year it was cold and we had it to ourselves. This year it was covered in kids.

10/13/19 – The last Sunday

I overheard a conversation while riding today. It seems that Columbus Day is the last day for most of Virginia Beach. Nearly everything seasonal will be shut on Tuesday.

10/14/19 – VB Squished Pennies

We ventured out today in search of squished pennies. This task has become much easier since Pat found a website that lists where the machines are and what designs they provide.

Other than that I got a pile of writing done.

10/15/19 – North Carolina

If the North Carolina Welcome Center wasn’t closed for renovations we would have gone to a different WalMart.

10/16/19 – Cotton Comes to Enfield

We are at a camp on a dinky back road outside Enfield North Carolina. Looking at the road on the map you would not, and I did not, expect much traffic. The trucks are constant, day and night. Something weird is going on around here. Unfortunately the roads are too narrow and busy for bike riding.

The local news suggests it’s the late cotton crop. Seems there aren’t enough people to handle the harvest. Something about immigrants being scared away by ICE raids.


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Tom Week – Beach to Beach


Did a little bit of school work today. Felt good. Need to get my confidence and/or interest back. Too windy to ride today. I rode yesterday, 14 miles. It felt like I hadn’t been off the bike for nearly a month. Though Virginia Beach is flatter than flat.

Rex is losing all control again. Even the home-made doggie diapers can’t always protect him from embarrassment.

Rainy day. Anxiety attack over schoolwork. A bit of re-planning settled me down.

Good bike ride today. Only 14 miles, but the weather was nice. I have this weird thing going on where all my rides last about an hour and fifteen minutes. I don’t plan it that way, that just seems to be how long I ride. Weird.

Tonight Mom is making me watch the Red Sox in what I hope is the last World Series game. She says they’ll lose of I don’t watch.

Watching Monday Night Football with the Patriots. Am I sports guy now?

Back in Myrtle Beach. Haven’t been here in decades.Facebook LogoTwitter Logo

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RVing – Happy Times

happy times no swearing sign


Errand day. Pat got an eye exam and we got a new phone plan. Oh, and Abigail chased a squirrel. Happy times.


Nice day. Long bike ride. Piles of laundry. Found a great new fast food place. To Pat’s delight they have real southern hush puppies.


Here in Virginia Beach when they say off-season they mean it. There are stores and restaurants that are already closed and won’t reopen till March.

It was our monthly visit the vet day, but this time we got an appointment so it didn’t take nearly as long as usual.


We found a very good restaurant today. Pat got hush puppies. I didn’t get the grits.

The we went to the boardwalk. Pat road her scooter around while Tonya and I explored the handicapped playground. She enjoyed some of it. Was bored by the rest.


Today at a southern fast food restaurant the clerk made fun of how I said “hush puppies.” Apparently I have a funny northern accent.


Another errand day. Recycling, donations, dog food, drug store. We ate lunch at the No Frill Grill. The name is completely inaccurate.


Last full day in Virginia Beach. We did some tidying up. Heading south tomorrow.


abbie road restaurant

A Beatles-themed restaurant. (Sort-of)

fall trees

It’s fall in Virginia Beach. We haven’t seen real fall in decades.

ocean condos

The view of the weirdly calm ocean in a rare gap between the rich folks.

The Raven Restaurant

The sign was the coolest thing about this restaurant.

Tonya exercising

Tonya gets in a workout at the accessible playground in Virginia Beach

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Tom Week – The chainsaw incident


Only in West Virginia

Today at a WalMart parking lot, a pickup truckload of teenage girls tried to give me a chainsaw. It was used but looked to be in good condition but I have no use for a chainsaw.

Irrational Fear of Fame

And I’m talking about a tiny bit of fame. I had a restless night last night analyzing my recent upswing in readership.

First, I’m uncomfortable with attention. Yes, that’s the irrational part. At first, when only a few people read my posts, it was easy. Then it grew to dozens. That still wasn’t too bad. Now there are literally hundreds of people reading my tweets. That scares me.

Second, I have to avoid this growing impulse to try to sculpt my writing to what they readers seem to like best. Give em what they want. If that’s what readers wanted they wouldn’t be reading my writing in the first place.

Third, what’s next? While I’m having fun posting my writing on twitter it is creatively limiting. It’s time to start working on longer works. Maybe even get back to the submitting my work to journals thing. The horror.


The sea calls

We are two miles from the Atlantic ocean. I haven’t seen it yet, but I can feel its presence.

The campground is two miles from the ocean. We had to drive 30 miles to find a place where you can park and see the ocean. The seafront has been consumed by the military and rich people.

The birthday went well. Went out to watch a talented singer give a terrible performance at a bar called Big Woody’s.

I’m getting the hang of driving around here. Just do the opposite of what the signs tell you and you wind up where you wanted to go.Facebook LogoTwitter Logo

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