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Tom Week – Quadractor

Screw the quadractor

not a quadractorOK, so long ago I posted a bit about this goofy tractor some guy was selling on eBay. It was called a quadractor. Since then hits to this page have been greater than all my other posts, combined. While it helps my overall numbers it’s disappointing to see my stories dwarfed in comparison.

Beware the monkey demon

Observing in a dream my father’s near death experience. Such a way to start the day. The nurse’s scream woke me and everything turned out OK.

Random Thoughts

  • I just wrote a joke so stupid that I’m not even going to burden you with it.
  • What is the deal with all the disco balls in commercials?
  • I dream of random people doing arbitrary things in assorted places.
  • My blind daughter has better fashion sense than mine.
  • If the teddy bear has a knife, it’s not really a “teddy” bear.

A Writing Success

This morning, while still in bed, I had a story idea. This happens often. The problem is that I never get up and write it down so they all tend to get lost. This morning though I actually did get up and wrote out the idea. Success!

The Stress/Blood Sugar paradox

So I’m stressing myself out. This raises my blood sugar. I get stressed about my high blood sugar. It goes higher. So much fun.


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Tags: ,, | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: April 18, 2017

Quadractor for sale on eBay


QuadractorOh the things you see on eBay.

Quadractor is a wonderful name for this contraption. Four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, all powered by a massive Briggs & Stratton engine. OK the massive part might not be accurate.

Still, I imagine that this could kick lawn tractor butt at rock climbing or mud bogging.

My favorite part though is the quadractor front end styled vaguely to look like a car from the 50’s. Sort of like an kiddie pedal car on steroids gone wrong.

This is one of those weird little machines that I yearn to own for no logical reason. I have no place to ride it. I have no place to store it. The dogs would pee on it. (They have much more refined tastes than I and urinate on anything I own they consider gauche.) Despite all that I easily picture myself motoring slowly and surely through the woods of my youth.

Granting the engine the benefit of the doubt and assuming that it functions properly and with all the power of its youth, that’s still a lot of weight to be pulling. Add to that the mechanical resistance of all the chains and shafts required to transfer motion to all four wheels and your zero to six mph time approaches infinity.

So is the quadractor worth the $1000 opening bid? I would say yes, but I’m obviously insane. I imagine a farmer with kids could find this usefull for occupational indoctrination. Or perhaps if your house was across a muddy stream from your driveway you could use this to get your groceries those final few yards.

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Tags: , | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: September 21, 2015


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