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RVing – Quiet Halloween

Tonya Halloween


We are in Four Oaks North Carolina. Long drive today, I’m vewy tiyad.


Another long drive today but we are in Myrtle Beach. We’ll be here a couple weeks at least. Time for rest, riding and school work.


Sitting in the dark on Halloween. No kids here. Too bad. The weather here is wonderful.


Rode my bike today. Felt so good. We’re starting to plan the Thanksgiving trip.


The advantage of being in a giant tourist area is that if you drive long enough you will find the perfect restaurant. We moved down the street a bit to a new RV park, Pirate Land. Tacky and huge. We are about fifty yards from the ocean.


Tonight I can actually hear the waves slowly crashing. There’s a storm out there somewhere. Tonya was outside in her rocking chair for a long time. Happy child. Our plans are changing on a daily basis. I love it.


The birds here in Pirateland are amazing. We have herons, Canadian geese, swans, ducks and a hawk that loves fish.


Kangaroo Gas

Don’t be fooled. There are no kangaroos working here.

shell in tire tracks

This shell survived being run over by the RV. You can just make out the tire tracks in the picture.


This heron was very helpful to the fisherman. He offered to carry their heavy buckets of fish for them.


For national sandwich day Pat made the perfect toasted cheese sandwich

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Tags: , | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: November 5, 2018

Tom Week – Beach to Beach


Did a little bit of school work today. Felt good. Need to get my confidence and/or interest back. Too windy to ride today. I rode yesterday, 14 miles. It felt like I hadn’t been off the bike for nearly a month. Though Virginia Beach is flatter than flat.

Rex is losing all control again. Even the home-made doggie diapers can’t always protect him from embarrassment.

Rainy day. Anxiety attack over schoolwork. A bit of re-planning settled me down.

Good bike ride today. Only 14 miles, but the weather was nice. I have this weird thing going on where all my rides last about an hour and fifteen minutes. I don’t plan it that way, that just seems to be how long I ride. Weird.

Tonight Mom is making me watch the Red Sox in what I hope is the last World Series game. She says they’ll lose of I don’t watch.

Watching Monday Night Football with the Patriots. Am I sports guy now?

Back in Myrtle Beach. Haven’t been here in decades.

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Tags: , | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: October 30, 2018


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