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mount doom

Hey Bob – Mount Doom

Will Bob and Lorry survive a visit to Mount Doom? Is this the end for our intrepid heroes? Or, like…


Hey Bob – Bunnies

Bob and Lorry fall into yet another alternate universe. Things go about as well as expected.

asking for a raise

Hey Bob – The Raise

Bob and Lorry get more than they bargained for when they ask the animator for a raise.

hungry Junction

Hey Bob – Hungry Junction

Bob and Lorry are transported to my newly created 3D town, Hungry Junction. There are once again ungrateful for the…

Hey Bob

Hey Rancher Bob

Bob underestimates the power of the animator. #heybob #rancher #theanimator

Lorry's Car

Hey Bob – Lorry’s Car

Bob and Lorry fall victim to endless consumerism. I am forced to practice some tough love.  

gas station

Hey Bob – Gas Station

Bob’s sense of humor isn’t for everyone.

Hey Bob

Hey Bob – Bunny Bugs

Bob’s simulation has some unexpected consequences. #heybob #bunnybugs  

Hey Bob

Hey Bob – Fun With Machines

Bob really “likes” machines. Lorry, not so much. #heybob #machines

Hey Bob

Hey Bob – Texture

Bob and Lorry are tormented by the animator’s twisted experiments. #heybob #animation #texture