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100 Words – Gator Baiting


The children stood in a half-circle at the edge of the pond, shouting. In the circle was a toad eating bugs and dodging an an old alligator. It would hop towards the gator then jump back, the gator slowly edging inland, waiting for his moment.

The children laughed every time the gator snapped at the toad. Then the toad landed right on the gator’s snout. The gator opened its mouth wide and the toad was flung into the water.

The children screamed and clapped. Then the gator grabbed Billy and dragged him into the water. The children stood in silence.


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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: May 2, 2020

Tom Week – Gator land!


The gator swam up to me


We are now at our third park in Lake City. This one has an actual alligator in the pond with the alligator warning. It has the cutest laundry building ever.

So it’s hot and humid and I’m wearing shorts.


Another hot humid day. Lots of nothing getting done.

Got some great shots of an alligator in the park’s fishing pond.


We’re back in Starke but at the other end of the park so it seems like a brand new place. Big rain today and a bit of thunder but it didn’t last long.

Today I learned all about how an RV’s roll down shades work. Or in this case, how they don’t work.


The rental car place was all out of cars so I wound up with a minivan. I feel like a grown-up.

We had to drive to Green Cove Springs to pick up Abigail’s meds. We decided to take Abbie with us. I put her bed in the back of the van. She didn’t lay on it once.

On the road we passed through the town of Penny Farms. Just about the cutest town name ever.


Followup with the Doctor. Everything looks good. My A1C was too high but we knew that. Everything else is normal, including cholesterol and blood pressure.

The cutest thing; there are a bunch of people who who walk their dogs together. Unfortunately Abigail doesn’t like other dogs when she’s on the leash.

Almost forgot, had a two-digit blood sugar rating today. My first low reading in months.


Got a good bike ride in before the rain. Seventeen miles.


We are now in Perry, FL. It’s hot and humid yet the couple across the road insists on maintaining a constant fire. I don’t know what they’re burning but it stinks. Fortunately we’re supposed to have thunderstorms tomorrow.

On Saturday at the city park they are having a beer fest. 300 beers, all you can drink, for $45. Tempting bu since that’s more than I spend on beer over three months it seems like kind of a waste.



Wise words indeed


Confederate flag on a Kia?


The cutest little laundromat ever!

little trailer

Two people live in that, full time

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: February 28, 2019


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