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Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket Meets Clyde

A new patient for Dr. Socket.

Dr Socket

Dr. Socket – Election Special

The extreme violence support group plans the future direction of the country.

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Urinal Cakes

Dr. Socket and his extreme violence therapy group have an in-depth political discussion.

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Dream Scream

Ax Bunny has a disturbing dream, in more way than one.

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Unmet Potential

Dr. Socket is not living up to his potential for evil. More Dr. Socket Videos #DrSocket #potential  

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Where’s Katy

Plow, Charles and the not-so-good doctor discuss cool-aid, nunicide, grammar and most of all, where’s Katy. #animation #DrSocket

prelude to Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket vs. The Post Office

Charles the Ax Bunny has a score to settle with the Post Office. His malevolent therapist, Dr. Socket, tries to…

prelude to Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Prelude

Just who is the boss? All families have arguments. #Dr.Socket #animation

extreme violence

Extreme Violence

Dr. Socket’s group therapy goes awry. #animation #extremeviolence #Dr.Socket  

ax therapy

Ax Therapy

Dr. Socket, Charles and his ax. Unfortunately there are no axes in this world.