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dr. socket

Dr. Socket – Wrath

The extreme violence support group lives up to it’s name causing Dr. Socket to walk out while proclaiming his wrath….

greed cat

Dr. Socket – Greed

Lana shares her views on economics and her personal efforts at wealth redistribution. Dr. Socket disapproves.

Charles expresses envy

Dr. Socket – Envy

Charles the Psycho Bunny is jealous of Lana’s affection for Clyde. Will his attempts to tear them apart succeed? And,…

Dr. Socket - Lust

Dr. Socket – Lust

A new member of the extreme violence support group upsets the balance and libidos of the male members.

Dr. Socket talks sloth

Dr. Socket – Sloth

Dr. Socket and the group discuss sloth, good, evil, insurance fraud and pudding. This is part two of the Seven…

Clyde's pride

Dr. Socket – Pride Bad

Dr. Socket and the group discuss Clyde’s pride and his relatively small kill count.

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Forgiveness

Dr. Socket and the gang discuss the mechanisms of forgiveness Never miss another Dr. Socket video. Subscribe to Tom’s YouTube…

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket Meets Clyde

A new patient for Dr. Socket.

Dr Socket

Dr. Socket – Election Special

The extreme violence support group plans the future direction of the country.

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Urinal Cakes

Dr. Socket and his extreme violence therapy group have an in-depth political discussion.