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Tom Week – Alabama and Beyond

Alabama sunset

3/12/30 – The Big A (Alabama)

We are in Alabama at the redneckinist RV park ever. It’s another park that’s under construction and is going to be great when finished. The office is much more a bait shop than an RV store.

3/13/20 – Friday the 13th

Only one other RV pulled in today. Is it the day? Is it the virus? Who knows.

Went for a bike ride today and got chased by an adorable dog. He was having the best time running along beside me until he had to stop and poop. Then he trotted back home. When I went back past his house he was asleep on the porch.

3/14/20 – Pi Day

I was so caught up watching the disease news that I almost missed pi day. A weird girl with two different shoes on the internet had to remind me. So I watched the movie PI. A feel-good romp if there ever was one.

Central Alabama is good place to be during the virus days. The people who live here don’t leave town much, and people from outside aren’t much motivated to come here.

3/15/20 – The Ides of March

We are in Toomsuba Mississippi, which is east of Meridian. Don’t worry, I never heard of them before yesterday.

Shopping at Walmart was an adventure. I managed to piss off everyone in the checkout line because I found everything I needed except water. Everyone was asking where I found everything. It’s sad that I am a better shopper than other people.

Oh yeah, the Lowes next door had plenty of water.

And gas is cheap here. $1.75 a gallon.

3/16/20 – Roller Coaster Hills

Did thirteen miles and climbed over 800 feet. Good workout. Got chased by two friendly dogs. Saw one Trump flag, one Biden sign and one Bernie sign.

3/17/20 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

More hill riding today. No leprechauns spotted, but I made friends with a horse.

When in the south, you must drink Grapico, the Cadillac of grape sodas.

3/18/20 – Still in Toomsuba

We hunkered down to let the mail catch up to us. It’s weird not moving every few days. We’re here till Friday. Fortunately there are many bikeable back roads.


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Tom Week – Alabama and Beyond

alabama shack

12/26/19 – Alabama

We’re in Lillian Alabama and nobody in the park got arrested today.

11/27/19 – Biking to Florida

Alabama seems to not like bikes. There are no bike lanes. There aren’t even shoulders on the roads. So I crossed the bridge back to Florida. Sixteen miles of nice wide lanes.

11/28/19 – Baby Yoda is Safe (for now)

Watched the last episode of The Mandalorian. Even if you don’t like science fiction you should watch this episode for the scenes with the biker storm troopers. Hilarious.

Today I finally got around to working on the stuff on my todo list. Turns out that maintaining the todo list takes more time than actually performing the tasks on it.

12/29/19 – Forgotten Travel

Missing a few days of my journal. The new update of the journaling program crashed and wiped out my files.

12/30 /19 – Got my files back

I filled in the blanks above which you never even knew were missing till I told you so why am I even telling you?

Oh yeah, we’re in Biloxi MS.

13/31/19 – Bay St. Louis

We’re spending New Years Eve at a casino in Mississippi. Not too white trash or anything. The casino’s RV park is next to a little waterway full of jumping fish and at least one alligator.

1/1/20 – Happy New Year

Last night I went to the casino for their New Year’s Eve party. Not so much a party as a regular night at a casino with a bunch of extra people. I didn’t last long among the smoke and country music. The highlight of the evening was the men’s room. Beside the sink, right next to the paper towel dispenser, was a biohazard sharps receptacle that was half-full of used needles.

The highlight for today was that I managed to misspell the word intellectual. Irony overload.


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Tom Week – Alabama Etc.

alabama swamp


We’re in Alabama! State number 26. It’s everything we could ever hope for. Lot’s of gun shops and even the news people have accents so think I can’t understand half of what they’re saying. Instead of golf carts the residents ride around on ATVs and mini bikes. Our next door neighbor has a dog called vittles.


We’re in Florida again! Twenty miles from Pensacola. We’re at a KOA with lots of RVs but very few people. Haven’t figured that one out yet.

My perceptions of the Gulf Coast are proving misguided. Not the people and places. They’re what I expected. The problem is distances. New Orleans is only 230 miles away. That’s three states. Alabama and Mississippi have much less coastline than I pictured.

Also met a guy here at the campground that’s riding his bicycle across the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It’s his sixth day on the road and he’s covered 400 miles.


Great day today. This morning I rode my bike to downtown Milton, FL. A town on a river trying to balance quaint and touristy. Fortunately quaint seems to be winning. After being in Georgia and Alabama I have to say that Florida is much friendlier to cyclists. Nice wide bike lanes everywhere.

Then after lunch I got a pile of work on the RV done. Vents to replace and clean. Holes to weatherstrip. Door to trim to nail down. I felt like such a “guy.”


Daylight Savings time, time zones, states smaller than I thought. All this has left me dazed and confused. We woke this morning in Florida. We drove to Alabama. Then we drove to Mississippi. All in the matter of a few hours. We are now an hour from Louisiana.

We are in a very nice RV park in a not great area of Biloxi. Pat and I both got a little nervous because the neighborhood reminded us of one in Fresno. That park turned out to be hideous. This one is much nicer.


On the best of days there are no plans. Today is one of those days. We’ve extended our stay in Biloxi till Friday and rented a car. Or rather a truck, and this in no mid-size wimp of a truck. It is a 2019 Ram crew cab with a HEMI!

We toured Biloxi, ate lunch at a pathetic Hooters knock-off called Twin Peaks, and took Abigail to a dog park that only had one other dog.

Then I took a nap. I was up all last night working on my latest short story.


Nearly fifteen miles on the bike today.

Out to dinner we had one of those rare failures of an experiment. The food was way spicier than hoped and it was full of unexpected ingredients. You can’t win them all.

Then we went to a giant gift shop which seriously needs some competition.


Coming back from WalMart I managed to get lost again. Having the ocean to the south is confusing.

Took dad to the casino. He won six dollars, but Mom made him buy me a beer so he actually wound up with only two dollars profit.



Behind this RV park there were cows. As in mooooo!

empty space

Some RV parks have “yuge” spaces.

pickup truck

The rental truck was the envy of all the lesbians in the park.


The view from the top of the Biloxi Bay Bridge


Pelicans by the bay.

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