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Another kart race, another second place

Only six of us this week and beside myself there was only one other person in the points.

The first qualifying session was disappointing. I finished in last not even breaking the 25 second mark. The front tires didn’t seem to have as much grip as usual. perhaps they were new.

The second session went much better. I finished third. However my overall time put me fifth on the staring grid.

The standing start, which with my weight is easiest place for me to lose spots, went well. I didn’t gain any but I didn’t lose much either. The driver behind me was right on my tail for the first few laps and kept tapping me to remind me that he was there. Then on lap three I came through the chicane and there was a big pile-up. I got through and jumped up to third place. The driver behind me got into fourth but got tangled with the crowd and I gained some space.

Two laps later I was on the tail of the second place driver. He kept turning to look at me so I just had to wait for the mistake. He made it going into the chicane and I came out much faster. We had a drag race to the hairpin but I had the inside and was able to crowd him out.

Now in second and having advanced so quickly I set my sights on first. Unfortunately he was faster and slowly pulled away. I finished six seconds behind.

It’s funny, this is my fourth second place in a row but each one, including this one was special. Each was different. Yes I’d like to be winning but I’d rather finish second in a fun race than win a boring one. Maybe after I win one I’ll think different.

However, my consistency is paying off. I’m now 12 points ahead in the championship. Since I’m not the fastest driver though I’m still vulnerable if a quickie starts racing every month.


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Tags: , | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: September 2, 2013


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