Supervan at Scottsdale auctions


supervanAt one point I owned three toy car copies of the supervan.

I so loved the clam shell front door. It seemed like the coolest possible way of getting in or out of a vehicle. (Probably why I have so affection for Isettas.)

Of course my young mind imagined that this beauty was powered by some exotic and powerful engine. Perhaps a turbine, or a jet, or at least a monstrous fuel-injected hemi. I was devastated to discover it had a stock 318 with a three-on-the-tree transmission.

In the mid seventies I got to see the supervan in real life at a car show, though by then the highlight of the show was meeting Linda Vaughn.

There is no estimate given but with the recent death of the designer George Barris, and given the van’s many appearances in pop culture I’m betting this one won’t go for much less than 100K.

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Author: Tom
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