RVing – West Virginia to Virginia

Virginia outhouse


Another rainy day. Tonya is bored to death. Pat says we might need to build an arc.


The ladder mission. We ordered a telescoping ladder from WalMart because there is something banging around on the roof and I have no way of getting up there, and no place to carry a regular ladder. So I picked a town that had a WalMart and a campground so we could wait till it was delivered to the store.

I found such a place in Flatwoods WV. The ladder arrives tomorrow no problem but never has there been a more mis-named town. Big Friggin Hill Town would be much more accurate.

And because of the hills we can only get three TV channels, all PBS.


Picked up the ladder at WalMart today. The noise on the roof was the TV antenna. Looks like it took a hit. I taped it up the best I could but it’s going to have to be replaced.


Severe sight-seeing today. Up and down fall-filled mountains. Out of West Virginia into Virginia. Picked up a PILE of flyers and guidebooks at the Virginia welcome center.

It’s Halloween season at the ex-KOA campground in Virginia. Many of the RVs are decorated. There are pumpkins, real and plastic, everywhere. One fifth-wheel has animated ghosts flitting about.


We made it to Virginia Beach. It wasn’t easy. Virginia seems to assume that you don’t want to directly to your destination. They have roads that make big wide circles around everything. This confuses Google’s directions no end. We were confused when it told us to take 295 North in order to go south. The problem is that those directions were correct.

It was worth it though. Other than crappy WIFI this is a very nice park.


Drove around looking for the ocean. Ate at a funky seafood restaurant. Looked for the ocean some more. Going out tonight to hear some live music.


I’m staring to get the hang of the roads around here. Most times today I was no more than 180 degrees off when I made a wrong turn.


big blue chair
The big blue chair guards the empty amphitheater in the so-called Flatwoods
distant tombstone
A surprising view for an RV campground
This guy has been here since 1915.
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