RVing – Upgrade

rental upgrade


We rented a car today. The rental place was downtown so I decided to ride my folding bike. That way I could put it in the trunk and drive back. I haven’t ridden the folding bike in a while so I had to pump up the tires and spray all the moving parts with WD-40. The fun part is that we are 800 feet above downtown. Thirty-one miles an hour is the folding bike’s new speed record. Zoom!

I got to the rental place only to find out that they are out of mid-size cars, so FREE UPGRADE! I wind up with a Nissan Frontier Pro4X crew cab pickup truck. Yee Haw! Didn’t need the folding bike after all.

Also, on the way to the rental place I became the uber-tourist. I rode my bike, on route 66, across the Rio Grande.


Today we went to Tinkertown. A museum of one man’s obsession of creating small mechanical worlds and collecting random stuff. For you midwesterners, it’s like a miniature House on the Rock.

Went to a comedy open mic tonight. Nobody showed up. Kind of makes me homesick. (The same thing happens a lot back in SF.)


Hot today. Don’t eat at Freddiy’s Custard and Steakburgers. I wrote a two word review but it’s too gross to post. Everything in Albuquerque is as far away as possible from wherever you happen to be.


Hot day. Starting to prep for moving tomorrow. Off to Santa Rosa. Pat did laundry in case the next park doesn’t have good machines.


Moving day. From Albuquerque to Santa Rosa, NM. Yes, that Santa Rosa. Home of the Route 66 Auto Museum and the Blue Hole. Stopped and ate at a truck stop that’s allegedly been there since 1934. Bought a t-shirt.


A new first. Today we had food delivered to the RV. Laziness Ho!


We’re in Texas! Amarillo. (Yellow) All the white people have heavy southern accents, but no one else does. The park has a free limo ride to the Steakhouse down the street. (Horns on the hood of course.) The steakhouse advertises free 72oz. Steak, if you can eat it in an hour. Not something I’d care to try or witness.


Ghost Kart Track
An abandoned kart track. My heart weeps.
leaving Albuquerque
The very hilly exit from Albuquerque. I cycled up that hill.
The Blue Hole
The Deep Blue Hole of Santa Rosa NM
Cadillac Ranch
The world famous Cadillac Ranch
tom and pat
If you squint you can see where I spray-painted “Tom + Pat”
A museum of weirdness and insanity
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