RVing – Tumble Along


Rewired Pat’s scooter today. I found several loose wires. It charges and rides much better now.


Seventeen mile bike ride this morning. Outside a bar called Zombiez I saw two goth girls sitting in rocking chairs. I waved. They didn’t wave back. Swimming this afternoon. Tonya floated for nearly an hour in the heated indoor pool. Pat found the hole in her air mattress.


We stopped for lunch in Shamrock Texas where nearly every restaurant is closed. We settled for McDonalds.

We’re in Oklahoma! The welcome center was open and I collected a PILE of flyers and pamphlets. First stop Elk City.

Weird experience at the local WalMart. I bought two bottles of Mexican orange soda and the check-out clerk commented, “Funny, I didn’t peg you for Mexican.”

In the flat-lands sunsets take forever.


Hot, humid and windy. It was nap day to be sure. Who knew Oklahoma was so windy? Someone should write a musical or something about this. Tonight though the wind has turned cool and smells of rain. There is lightning on the horizon. Tumble weeds in the yard.


Long drive in heavy rain. We’re now sitting in Yukon OK, just outside Oklahoma City. Renting a car tomorrow. Another city to explore.

Abbie does not like toads. I think she thought it was a rock, till it jumped. Now she has to sniff every rock she sees.


Shopping day. Lunch at Jimmy’s Egg, the place to eat in Yukon OK.


Laundry day! I did a bunch of research and found the best-rated laundromat in Yukon OK. Unfortunately, so did everyone else. So we moved on to one which had no reviews on-line but was located near an intersection that I remembered.

A fine place. Many broken machines, water damaged floors and walls and even a bullet hole in one of the windows. Fortunately a young man there pointed out which machines worked best. I love people.


What’s a little radiation among friends?
Ozarka water
The local water. Made in Texas. Tastes like it.
rainy day
A rainy day in Elk City OK
bullet hole
Don’t worry, the shot came from inside the laundromat
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