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old low country truck


We are now in Charleston SC, AKA, The Low Country. I love that name. There are cows in the campground and a fishing pond with alligator warning signs. Also, it was 80 degrees today with about 100% humidity. Welcome to November in the south.


Didn’t see any alligators today, but when I took a shower there was a tree frog in there with me.


Hot and humid here in the Low Country. Sorting through the good and bad of yesterday’s election. Still haven’t seen an alligator.


We are in Holden Beach NC. The camp hosts live in a Winnebago Brave as well.


We’re spending the weekend on Emerald Island NC. Beach town but not as crazy as Myrtle Beach. The allegedly have 15 miles of bike trails. We’ll find out tomorrow.

On the way here we drove by Camp Lejeune, where Marines are trained.


I hate to admit this but it looks like Winter is going to happen.


Back in Virginia Beach. The clerk at KOA recognized the RV and welcomed me back. Pat noticed that today is day 100 of our trip.


Woke this morning to water pouring out from under the RV. Pat heard water running in the night but was unable to wake me. Yes, when I get going I sleep HARD. Fortunately, the source of the water was the fresh water tank overflow, so we weren’t dumping sewage or anything bad.

A bit of research and we found that the “check valve” on the water pump got stuck open. Pumping some water out of the tank unstuck the valve and fixed the problem. (Sigh of relief)


go hawks
Even in the swamps of the low country, some people never leave Iowa
Apparently, the is where Canadian Geese spend the winter.
This pile of mushrooms is aiming for world domination.
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