RVing – The Crack Grows


Last night the RV’s toilet turned on us. Thankfully the internet was full of ideas and after a few of them we got it functioning well enough. Today I bought a snake and that seems to have cleared it up.

The window crack is growing.


Today we drove to Sanford FL. Fortunately the window crack didn’t get any bigger during the ride. We’re just three miles from the repair place, so we should be all set.


Laundry day. Had to go out to a laundromat because the park only has four little washing machines. Got to talk to three guys who hang out outside the laundry every Friday night to try to meet all the hot women doing laundry. They’ve been doing it for nearly a year without success.


So it turns out that Sanford FL is site of a famous murder. Tourism is fun. Took Abigail to the dog park. She was very happy and met many dogs. We also drove by the very big lake. Very pretty. The hot humid weather is gone.


Avoid the Stake N’ Shake in Sanford FL at all cost. I spent over 30 minutes in the drive through and they still got more wrong than right.


We went today to arrange to get the windshield fixed. The woman at the RV dealer looked at us like we were crazy. Turns out we have to call the insurance company first and let them handle all the details. Having never had a broken windshield before, how would we know this? We learn.


An angry cat guarding a grave
fire truck
Bad day for the neighbors
Sandy squirrel footprints. Protein bars still safe.
A wonderfully friendly campground
Author: Tom
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