RVing – The cost of escape

cost of freedom


Got lost today on our way out of Oklahoma. Missed a turn somewhere and wound up on a roller-coaster back highway, which led to a toll road. It cost us $3.50 to get out of Oklahoma.

Then in Arkansas we were shown that some stereotypes have a basis in reality.

Me: Do you have hot tea?

Fast food clerk: I don’t know. (Stares at me.)

Me: Is there someone who would know?

Clerk: Carol might know. (Stands there, staring)

Me: I don’t know Carol, could you ask her for me?

Clerk goes to ask Carol. Carol comes out.

Carol: We have room temperature tea. Would that be hot enough for you?

After that we decided to go straight to Missouri. We called ahead and got into a great park with very friendly people. And we’re only .3 miles from the go kart track. Yee Haw!


Branson MO is tacky and that’s a good thing. The campground we are in is carved into a very steep hill. The office is literally in the owner’s living room. Very friendly people all around.

I’m in trouble. Pat has discovered that there are dozens of squished penny machines. Looks like I know what we’re doing tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the one show I wanted to see here doesn’t start till next week. No visit to the Yakoff Smirnoff theater for me.


Tourist day. I rode the go-karts so I have fulfilled my childhood Cape Code nostalgia requirement. We bought t-shirts and I got a hat at a 3 for $10 t-shirt shop with a giant bust of Ronald Reagan outside. We had supper at a Cajun restaurant. I had a chicken-fried steak sandwich. Another first for me.

I’m just a bit disappointed. There is a local company that sells moonshine, but they only sell it in giant jugs. At the rate I drink hard liquor I’d be able to will most of the bottle to my great grand nieces and nephews.

On the plus side, Pat managed to obtain several new squished pennies.


Abbie got a bath and haircut at Petco. We ate at the restaurant with the giant chicken out front. Pat got hush puppies. Then shopping at WalMart.


Today we saw more Baptist churches than I ever thought could exist. Plus white cows and many dead armadillos. We are out of the Ozarks and at the border of several states. Unfortunately the weather is sucky in every direction.


I don’t see a train but we are in Clarksville TN. A very nice little park with a pool and much less humidity than yesterday. There is a metal scrapyard across the street and a highway just behind us but not too much noise from either.

We gave Rex a haircut this afternoon. The groomers won’t take him because of his age and illnesses. Actually, Pat cut his hair. I held him down.


We decided to stay in Clarksville another day. Moving every day gets annoying pretty quick.


go-kart ride
My inner child manifests. WEEEEE!!!!
musical pipes
Tonya and I explore the pipes
storm shelter
The storm shelter in Muskogee did not inspire feelings of security.
walking stick
Branson had some Tim Burton level scary bugs
A sleepy little country road
painted rocks
Someone decorated our site in Clarksville
scrap metal
Fortunately the scrap yard is closed on weekends
This butterfly really liked Tonya
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