RVing – The Acorns! The Acorns!



The acorns kept us up most of the night. It’s amazing how loud a little nut bouncing off fiberglass can be. Sleepy day. Looking for the next stop. So many choices.


Every day seems to be errand days these days.


Laundry day. One of the dryers here at the park didn’t work very well. Had a load of still-wet clothes and no more quarters. The park office was also out of quarters. So I put the wet clothes in the stinky rental car and went to a real laundromat up the street.


We’re in Daytona! Drove past the track. It’s huge! Mostly it rained. Lots of sitting in the RV. The road through the Ocala National Forest is lined with all the trees that ever existed. Oak, palm, evergreen, all mixed together at random.


This morning when I took Abigail out for a walk I head a noise familiar but misplaced. After a minute I realized I was hearing race cars at the speedway, which is only five miles away. What was unfamiliar was the constant engine sound. I’m used to short tracks which have a pattern of noise, quiet, noise and quiet again. Each lap lasting 15 to 30 seconds.

Oh yeah, we had a mold attack today. Around the windows and the door all this mold appeared out of nowhere. Fortunately it cleaned up easy.


This morning we drove around Daytona Beach and Pat and I decided that we didn’t see anything engaging so we went to Orlando. Well, there aren’t really any RV parks IN Orlando so we wound up at a park south of Orlando which has a bunch of inaccurate reviews on the RV search website.

Tomorrow we’ll be checking out some parks west of Orlando.


Tonight we are in Winter Garden Florida. It’s a nice park with a mix of types of RVs. We’re here for two weeks.

We bought a pseudo-Christmas tree today. It’s not the usual pine tree but it’s close. It’s alive in a pot so not as much dead as usual. We went to Lowes and we were lucky to get one of the last trees. Yes, they are out of trees. I got this one for $5. It’s a bit too big to fit inside the RV so tomorrow we are getting outside Christmas lights and decorations for it.


St. Francis
The plaque said this is St. Augustine but it’s actually St. Francis
Christmas Dragon
In Florida the Christmas Dragon is a tradition dating back moments.
New England sign
Our street sign at the park. The guy next to us was from Pittsburgh. In the south, that’s New England.
mouse mountain
How could we not stay at an RV park called Mouse Mountain?
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