RVing – Tennessee to West Virginia

rainy west virginia


We are in Crossville TN which for some reason is five to ten degrees cooler than the surrounding towns. I could look up the reason but I choose not to. The current campground is hilly and the wi-fi sucks. We may move tomorrow.


We are somewhere in Tennessee. Heading north to avoid the hurricane.


Running from the storm. We’re back in Kentucky. The cold front coming through tonight is supposed to push the hurricane to the east. The new plan takes us through West Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Errand day. Got meds for Rex and Me. As we head north I’m going to miss all the female clerks and waitresses calling me hun. Though pretty soon Pat’s southern accent will be in full swing.


We are in Berea Kentucky. A surprisingly special little town. It is home to the first coed and integrated college in the country. It has also been tuition-free since 1892.

The mega-millions drawing is nearly 550 million tonight. We have a ticket.

We are getting up early tomorrow to hit the road because Donald Trump is speaking tomorrow in the next town. We want to get going before the yahoos shut down the highways. The president is here because the good-ol-boy republican candidate is in trouble because he’s running against a retired Navy Lt. Colonel with brains and charisma.


Another three state day. We got up early and managed to miss the rush to see Donald Trump. According to one account the rush never actually happened. So we started in Kentucky, briefly passed through Ohio and wound up in West Virginia.

WV is just like I pictured it. Fall, damp, overcast, ground littered with brown leaves. Once again everybody has been very friendly.

When I was walking the dogs we saw some deer, mom and two young ones.


The best thing about a dark rainy West Virginia morning is that the dogs don’t wake up till after 10. Great to sleep so late once in a while.

Something is loose on the roof but we don’t have a ladder to get up there and check it out. Might have to go begging from better-equiped neighbors tomorrow.


Diabetic test strip sign
The story behind this sign is a creepy as those magic marker numbers suggest
blue jay
Many blue jays eating many acorns and chestnuts
If this cat wasn’t tied up there would be fewer blue jays
Abigail in her sweater
We found an appropriate sweater for Abigail
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