RVing – South Again (with donkeys)



Rain rain go away. Weird weather. Last night it got warmer as the night went along. Then today it got colder as the day went along.

Pat got a new sewing machine and a crock pot today. This is the exciting life we live.


Heading south again. We’re in Wilson NC. There are donkeys here.


Spent a lazy day sitting in the rain. Haven’t seen the donkeys yet, but I heard one.


Easy drive to Myrtle Beach. Got good pictures of the donkeys.


When renting a car and they ask if you want to upgrade, always say no. Because if you say no you will probably get the upgrade for free. It’s happened to me several times, including today.


We are sinking into the sand. The plastic tire supports are buried. Every day an adventure.


We found a place for Abigail to stay while I’m in Worcester. Got lost a little while driving today. Unfortunately it’s hard to stay lost in Myrtle Beach for very long.


yellow RV
The Winnebago Brave moored in the land of donkeys.
food wagon
You never know what you’ll find at a roadside campground.
There were many birds near this little pond, but none of them were chickens.
donkey stable
This two donkeys were too comfy in their little shed to come out to visit.
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