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crows in OKC


On my bike ride today I only saw one critter, an adult male elk. Unfortunately he was locked in a pen. He was standing at the gate, just staring. It was so sad.

On a happier note, we ate lunch at Waffle House. While none of us had the grits it was comforting knowing they were available.


We went to downtown OKC. It was pretty deserted and had a whole lot of stairs. It reminded Pat of Des Moines.


Rained all night last night. Pounding the roof two feet above my head. Rained till afternoon. Ate dinner at a truck stop. Good food. Scary customers. Though they were freaked out by us as well. No good hats in the gift shop.


We’ve been delayed but they have no room at this park this weekend so we’re moving a whole three miles away.


We drove all over town trying to find drinkable water. The Texas stuff is just too blech. After several attempts we finally found a grocery store with something other than filtered tap water.

It was funny because a man in the water aisle was trying to convince his wife they should buy the cheap water. She complained that it tasted like a spoon. He the complained that the water I was buying didn’t taste like anything. It was so hard to say, “That’s the point.”

We are at a new park for the weekend, then it’s off to somewhere else. Haven’t decided yet.


The new park is much nicer than the last one. Nicer staff, nicer neighbors and less highway noize. The best part is that it’s right next to OKC’s wonderful bike path. I rode 17 miles today without once having to ride on a road.

Also, it’s walking distance to a very good truck stop diner. Yum.


We drove to Muskogee today. We went to the butterfly garden. It was the last day of the season but there were still many butterflies, moths and other insects. In fact we were the last people through.

Being Sunday, and since Muskogee has three RV parks, I assumed we would have no trouble getting a spot. I was wrong. We did get a spot in the overflow parking section, which in this case on the street. We have power and water hookups but it’s not very level and our front yard is a road. Not bad for $20.


Abbie knows how to live
RV on the street
Yes, we are parked on the street.
barbed wire
We didn’t get to the barbed wire exhibit at the Cowboy Museum, but we did see some free-range barbed wire.
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